cory summerhays

About Me

In the Tucson, Arizona, area, Cory Summerhays is a seasoned chef and professional culinary craftsman. Summerhays has followed his passion for meal-preparation artistry across the Southwestern United States, creating boundary-pushing, tongue-tingling dishes for communities and thousands of delighted patrons in Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado since he was introduced to the joys of cooking and food preparation at a young age.
Cory Summerhays, a specialist in cutting-edge Caribbean, French, and American cuisines, worked under some of Chicago's most renowned chefs before coming to the American Southwest and going it alone. Summerhays earned a reputation for culinary innovation and brilliance not long after joining a Nevada Caribbean-themed restaurant, distinguishing himself for his creative culinary approach and the guts to mix Caribbean flare and flavors with long-favored American traditions.
Cory Summerhays has had successful leadership stints in restaurants in Utah, Idaho, and Colorado since his first excursion into the fast-paced world of professional meal preparation. Summerhays, one of the newest members of Tucson's culinary industry, plans to build a name for himself by serving up innovative, delightful, and devastatingly delicious fusion cuisine to patrons and foodies alike.